Morrison’s Quarry Winter Elopement

Morrison's Quarry Winter Elopement

Before we begin showing you Becky and Eddie’s Morrison’s Quarry winter elopement, we’d like to acknowledge that we live and work on the unceded territory of the Anishinabe Algonquin Nation. 

Becky and Eddie

Becky and Eddie originally had their wedding date set for July 17, 2020. But of course, we all know what happened in the year 2020. Once Covid-19 hit, the couple was drastically affected. With Eddie being American, and Becky being Canadian, the two were separated by travel restrictions. Each lived on a different side of a border that wouldn’t allow them to be together. It was one of the most heartbreaking situations.

After postponing their wedding date two or three times, they emailed us with some good news. Eddie was approved to enter Canada! This was a huge win for them. They had to jump through a million hoops to make it happen, but they managed to pull it off. The only downside was that Eddie’s parents would not be able to attend their wedding, since the borders were still closed. This was something we ended up finding a solution for – so scroll down to read the details of how we overcame this.

Wedding Couple Dancing Outdoor

The Morrison's Quarry Winter Elopement

As soon as Eddie had a flight booked, we immediately started planning their elopement. This meant we had just over one month to pull it off, but since we’re always up for a challenge, it was so much fun to plan! Also, scroll to the bottom to see the full vendor list.

The chilly December morning began with the pair having their first look at the Le Germain hotel in downtown Ottawa. After some family photos with Becky’s family (the only three guests in attendance), we travelled to Morrison’s Quarry to start the intimate ceremony. Even though it had snowed the week before, we had some light showers of rain. Luckily, we always offer clear umbrellas for times like this, so it really did not affect the day whatsoever!

During the ceremony, Becky’s father was able to video call Eddie’s family so they could watch the entire ceremony from their home in the US. Even though they couldn’t be there in person, this was a perfect solution to still include them in the day!

The ceremony itself was beautiful, and we captured some stunning scenes of Ottawa that would make you double-take if this was even Ottawa at all! Scroll down to see all the details of their beautiful elopement!

Vendor List

A big thanks to all our amazing vendors who came together in such a short amount of time to pull this elopement off!


This elopement was planned entirely by Ottawa Elopements

Photography: Lauren McCormick Photography

Officiant: Grounded Ceremonies

Getting Ready space: Le Germain hotel

Ceremony Site: Morrison’s Quarry 

Florals: Pollennation

Cake: The Girl with the Most Cake

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  1. Gorgeous imagery of this special day!! I love how you captured the mood so beautifully! The bouquet is amazing. Brilliant job!!

  2. Kathryn Cooper

    What a cool secluded spot where they could just enjoy this day for themselves. Such clarity with these photos–and beautiful framing. I wish them the best!

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